Friday, June 13, 2008

Greetings from Chicago

I've just landed in Chicago. This is my 3rd time here, and all 3 times I have come for a wedding. This time it is Mike's best friend. He is very hyper and called the hotel phone pretty much the minute we opened the door. I suspect he had been pressing "redial" every 30 seconds for the last 3 hours since our connecting flight was delayed.

Our flight from Burbank took off before 7am. I realize that by choosing that flight, I was in violation of my own New Years Resolution to not commit to doing anything early in the morning. But I had taken a gamble with the flight since I wanted to get to Chicago while there was still daylight. I lost the gamble...lots of annoyances went hand-in-hand with the early morning flight and it was not worth it.

Among other things, we had a party for Mike's nursing class last night and twice as many people showed up over the number I had expected. It was just a barbecue from 4-9, but then someone showed up at 10:15 and Mike ended up talking to him for a couple hours and it made it harder to get up in the morning.

So, no more morning flights. Except for 2 weeks from now when we go to D.C. ack!

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