Saturday, May 24, 2008

I have not blogged in 2 weeks because I have been working overtime. 12 hour days, weekends too. I finished my task yesterday. I hope this achievement has earned me something other than getting paid by the hour. I hope this task has earned me a free trip to our D.C. office. They had previously invited me to come out for the 4th of July, but as I don't have a plane ticket yet, I think the invitation is not set in stone.

With that trip, Mike and I are gearing up to being a summer of jet-setters. This summer we have plans to visit Chicago, D.C., Portland, and Vegas, and then I have an obligation to be back in Hollywood in October.

Updates on some recent posts: Yohji Homme has an ingredient that smells like mud, and the New England Historical Society did find my rings and sent them back to me. yay

Now we have a 3-day weekend, today being my first day off in so long. I enjoyed every minute of it, except for the part when I dropped my knitting board upside down on my knee. A knitting board is a long board with 200 nails driven into it. You weave the yarn in and out of the nail heads to create the knitted piece. I use a very large one to make blankets. I used to have one that was somewhat smaller. When I upgraded to the bigger one, I gave the old one away on Freecycle, but I specified that it should NOT go to a home with children. It's too easy even for an adult to lay it on the floor and then step on it. So far has not happened to me since I am very cautious about that. But it hurts if you even drop it accidentally on your own kneecap.

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