Friday, May 02, 2008

I found my Teague ancestors in Maine today. There is very little about them to be found on the web, so I'm lucky that I had the clues that I did. My ancestors came from a small town that now has only 1500 families. But the town is dotted with cemeteries everywhere. It is quite lucky that I had the name of the one that 2 of my ancestors were buried in. It was much more difficult to find an address so I could figure out how to drive there from my hotel. Something about Maine is that they still don't have things like addresses or street names. The Yahoo map was backward, at least 3 times, and sometimes looked like this.

1. turn right, 3 miles
2. turn left, 2 miles
3. 4 miles

Do WHAT for 4 miles? But that's how it is in Maine.

I'm also lucky that I knew which cemetery to go to, because surprisingly, not all of the cemeteries seem to have been indexed. Though to be fair, it's only been 2 centuries, and I guess no one in Maine has time. I know not all of them are indexed because after I visted the cemetery in Turner, I drove to the Maine State Library and looked at their genealogy books. They had several volumes of cemetery indexes completed by the Maine Old Cemetery Association in the last few decades. The one my ancestors are buried in was not listed.

I was very happy because at the State library I found the evidence that I needed to prove a new DAR Revolutionary War ancestor. Unfortunately I am still lacking some evidence that proves my relationship to him, but it will come.

I'll post photos later.

I think tomorrow I will go to Boston.

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