Saturday, March 08, 2008

FAQ about moving to Portland

I was telling Mike and my sister that as people find out that the move has been pretty much confirmed, that I keep answering the same questions over and over again until I feel like making a recording so I can just hit "play" whenever it comes up. Shannon suggested that I post a FAQ here.

When are you moving?
Sometime this summer, probably in July.

Why Portland?
Mike and I want to buy some land, and we know we want to buy in the Pacific Northwest. We chose Portland to be a home base to operate from while we shop for real estate.

Why can't you buy in California?
We want some acreage with trees on it.

Why the Pacific Northwest?
Because I said that I have to live in a blue state, and New York is too cold for me.

What will you do for work?
I'm keeping the same job I have now.

Are you going to pursue a career in politics or public administration?
Probably not.

Do you have any friends or family in Portland?

What does your family think about you moving away?
My family is excited because they would like to come and visit.

I have a friend in Portland. Would you like me to introduce you?
Yes, that would be lovely.

Are you going to admit to the locals that you're from LA/California?
Yes. I've heard that everyone hates Californians, but I'm proud of where I come from. I'll just have to work harder to make everyone like me. And if it's true that all the Oregonians are nervous because all the Californians are moving in, that means that half the people there are from CA already. (See question above for proof.)

Will you come back to CA to visit?
Of course, because that's where Disneyland is.

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