Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cold night

We're back from a short camping trip. On this trip we had good luck and bad luck. Our goal was to see if we could fit everything that we would need for the weekend onto the motorcycle. We were successful in doing that. We had to change our destination when the ranger told us that the campground we were headed to was still closed for winter. But he clued us in to another campground off of the same road, which technically no longer exists as a maintained campground, but is still accessible on a dirt bike. So we headed that way. It was amazing to have a campground all to ourselves. It was a little bit hairy to get there (including pushing the motorcycle through snow) but it was worth it. I don't know when the site was closed as a campground. It no longer had fire rings, picnic areas, or latrines. Of course when we had packed the bike with our original destination in mind, we had not packed for exactly those conditions, but we were prepared enough that it worked out fine.

The bad luck was that after the sun went down, we nearly froze. When we left our house it was 90 degrees out, and the campsite really isn't that far away. But the snow at 6000 feet should have been a warning to us. Our summer tent and bedroll did not cut it and we had a very long sleepless night. So we cut our trip short and packed up at first light and came home. I had imagined myself this weekend to be sunning in camp chair and reading a magazine. I set up my chair on our patio and did just that.

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