Monday, September 10, 2007

Something foul

I rather hate to admit this, but we're having an issue with the cat box. Well, unfortunately it is not really the box. Unfortunately, it is the carpet. We made the mistake of letting the scooper touch the carpet. Usually I keep it in a plastic bag, but one day the bag disappeared and the scooper was on the carpet. It was only a few days, and the scooper looked clean enough, but where it touched the carpet we are now having an issue. Sigh. I used the SpotBot on it but it didn't work, though maybe I wasn't using a strong enough cleanser. I bought a product called C-Dox, but it only made it worse. I'm not really sure how C-Dox is supposed to work. I got the impression it was like Febreze, where you spray and then it mixes with the smelly foulness and then evaporates. Well, maybe it was doing that, but I don't want smelly carpet or smelly air. Tonight I am covering it up with Ozium, but really it just smells like cat pee + Ozium. We actually were already planning to rent a carpet cleaner for the annual cleaning before this happened. Now we're properly motivated. I think I'll drag out the SpotBot again, in the meantime.


Vonnie said...

Have you tried Nature's Miracle? That stuff works really good to get the stain and the smell out with the enzymes. I always have it on hand in my kitty room. I've used it on the carpet and let it soak in, and then used a carpet cleaner or spot cleaner on it... seems to work pretty good for me :)

Heather said...

In the end, the Ozium solved the problem.


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