Saturday, May 19, 2007

This morning I went to the DAR meeting, where today's guests were Bob and Clare Baum. I showed them my ring and they got a kick out of it, which made me really happy.

Then I went home and had a lengthy discussion with Mike about dying service organizations and how to revive them. If I only ran the world...but maybe that is a topic for a future post. We'll see.

I finalized my research paper and emailed it to the professor. I just have to turn in a hard copy on Tuesday and then I am done. Well, no homework now for 2 weeks. What will I do with myself? I requested extra work next week, maybe I will work OT. Or not. I have so many projects going at home, maybe I should focus on one of those. Like my experimenting with making vanilla extract. Mike keeps ruining my experiments by drinking them and calling it vanilla vodka. Oh, I didn't mention that project? A topic for a future post, again.

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