Saturday, April 07, 2007

Grocery Delivery

Since Mike and I had both been sick, I tried online grocery delivery for the first time. Actually, I tried to do it once before, years ago, also at a time when I was too sick to shop, but that's when I found out that you can't really get same-day delivery.

Knowing that, a few days ago when Mike also came down with the flu, I placed an order the night before I wanted it delivered.

I liked it a lot, but the delivery charge is kind of expensive. So, if you order groceries online, you might as well order a lot so you can get the best use of the delivery fee. I probably won't use it again on a regular basis, but I would highly recommend it for people who can't get out due to illness or time constraints, or don't have a car. It is very convenient. Just try to order the night before.

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