Monday, February 12, 2007

This is Jack, our new cat

Mike went to the county animal shelter last week and chose a cat for us to adopt. We could never get our 2 schedules to coincide with the shelter's schedule, so finally Mike just went by himself. He wanted a boy cat, and chose an orange one. The cat was about a year old, so he had to have his operation before we could take him home. The shelter arranged for him to have his operation today so Mike could come get him and take him home this evening. We talked about it all weekend and after much discussion about cat names, decided that his name would be Jack. Sort of short for Jack Pumpkinhead, which is good for an orange cat.

I waited at home for what seemed like forever before Mike finally came home with Jack. Mike had a strange look on his face and he reminded me that he has more bad or unusual luck than most people. I knew he had a cat in the box, so I knew it couldn't be really bad luck. Then he laughed and said there was a mistake at the shelter, and "Jack's a girl." Here's Jack's first photo. She didn't really like the flash. But otherwise she seems right at home and happy to be with us. She's not scared at all.

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Vonnie said...

Jack is ADORABLE! She looks a little grumpy :)


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