Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Losing the battle

I am losing my grammar battle I referred to in my posting of 4/17/06. The one where people keep speaking “to” things, instead of about things. It’s definitely an epidemic. I have now seen Martha Stewart use it, though it was in print so that’s the fault of her editor, and just recently I saw John Kerry say it in an interview on CNN! When asked how he felt about some dingbat’s comments, John Kerry said, that guy should “speak to the issue” or something to that effect. I just groaned and fell off my breakfast chair.

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Kellie said...

Yeah, I agree that whole thing is annoying. "Speak to this", "grow the business", etc. On the other hand, language is supposed to be a fluid, mobile thing that changes according to the needs of the users and the direction of the culture at hand-- so who knows. "The Story of English" says the malleability of the English language is what has given it so much staying power over the centuries.


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