Monday, November 06, 2006

Still no cat

We thought we found Ozzy, but we didn't. We thought we found his picture on the web, at the animal shelter. It looked like him, and it was the right date, in the pound that serves our area. But when we went there and looked, it wasn't him. There were 4 black cats and none of them were him. One was a little girl kitten, a few months old, and so cute and playful. She loved us, but today was not the day for us to adopt a cat, so we wished her good luck. There were also a set of 4 baby baby kittens. So tiny, each about as big as my fist. And so mean! They looked cute, but they were tiny balls of meanness! They all hissed little barely audible hisses, and one of them even stamped his tiny foot, which made me scream with laughter.

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