Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beverly Hills Holiday Lighting

Last night we went to Beverly Hills to see their Holiday Lighting ceremony, featuring a performance by Cirque du Soleil, my whole reason for going.
The lighting is in the form of a big crystal snowflake on the Beverly Wilshire Hotel,
and a bunch of crystal chandeliers along Rodeo Drive.
The whole thing was rather lame, though I always love to see CdS. The chandeliers on the street are encased in Plexiglass boxes, I guess to protect them from thieves and baseballs, but it distracts from their beauty, which btw is not that much beauty. The chandeliers that we drove past at Lamps R Us were a lot prettier. Also, during the big lighting moment, I had assumed that all the chandeliers on the street would be lit. Instead, they only lit up the 4 that were in the immediate vicinity of the ceremony. I guess I was not the only one who had this assumption, because everyone kept craning their necks to look down the street at the other chandeliers. But they remained dark until several minutes after the end of the ceremony. Technical difficulties, maybe? It's too bad, because in my head it would have looked very dramatic to have each chandelier light up one by one. After the show we amused ourselves by posing with the big snowflake. Everyone got a big kick out of it. Later I saw other folks copying us, and one of the professional photographers told Mike he should get into the arts. The last photo is supposed to look like a slam dunk. I think it looks fine but Mike says it doesn't look like a slam dunk.

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