Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scaly Monster

I have a scar on my chin, and my facialist keeps trying to burn it off. I think she's just making it worse, but whatever. So I've had a series of chemical peels over the last few months. She just did one again a few days ago, and today my skin cracked and peeled and really looked awful by this afternoon. One of my co-workers came into my office to discuss a document with me. While we were talking, she put her hand to her chin as if to cover it up. You know, how people do when they see someone with food on their teeth, and they keep checking their own teeth. So I saw her touching her chin so I stopped to explain. "I had a chemical peel. That's what this is about," I said, pointing to my chin. I think I embarrassed her. She said, "oh, I didn't even notice." haha!

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