Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where have you been all this time?!

Posting from school tonight. Today rated toward the brutal end of the scale. No sleep last night because I was worried about not making it to my client meeting in Irvine at 9am. Got up at 6 and started working immediately. Left the house at 6:45 and was late anyway. Didn't make it to Irvine until freaking 9:05. Client meeting went ok although I hadn't eaten and my blood sugar level crashed and I felt sick after barely eating during our stupid "working lunch"...I hate those. It's too hard to eat and I have enough problems with my appetite and digestion without everyone staring as we all try to talk/argue at the same time. Seated in swivel chairs, not in a front of a table, I might add. Although I must say it was nice that my box lunch contained all foods that I'm allowed to eat, right down to the sugar cookie when everyone else got chocolate. How lucky is that.

Meeting ended at 2 but my boss kept me until 4:15...then back in the car for another 2.5 hours to get to school.

Update on the Motorcrashes:
Passed 2 on the way home from Long Beach on Tuesday, but they weren't as fresh as the ones from last week. Then I passed 2 more on my way to Irvine today, even less fresh than the ones on the 710 Tuesday. So, I thought maybe my evil power is going away, and the accidents are preceding me more and more each day. But then I passed an extremely fresh accident on the way to school tonight. So, I'm still causing them, or I'm spending too much freaking time on the road these days.

The other nice thing that happened today (besides getting a nice lunch even though I couldn't eat it all) is I got to school and a good samaritan left their parking permit on the ground so I didn't have to pay my 4 bucks. Sometimes I do that too. Leave my parking permit on the ground for someone else, if it has time left on it. What goes around, comes around.

We have yet to get our term papers back. The prof is in a bad mood. I'm terrified.

Refusing to work tomorrow or Saturday, because I desperately need to write more papers and speeches for school.

I'm hungry, but if I get home and all we have is stupid Vegannaise sandwiches then I will scream.

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