Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I hate commercials

I hate commercials. I especially have no tolerance for radio commercials. They are the stupidest blather and I can't believe they can't come up with anything better in 2006. I suppose I could have low tolerance for radio commercials since I have Sirius radio at home and in my car. No commercials there, never had them either. But I don't listen to it at work because I am politely conserving bandwidth. So sometimes I tune into a local station, where I have to hear commercials. I used to make this rule that I would leave my office when commercials were on. But I had to get up too often.

I especially hate the latest Build-A-Bear radio ad. It is so unbelievably dumb, that it makes me want to kill someone.

I don't watch TV outside of PBS, so I don't have to see too many TV commercials. I miss the days when I used to tape TV shows, though, and my VCR would edit the commercials out. My VCR is broken now.

Mike says if there were no commercials, then we wouldn't know what to buy. I guess I'm ok with print ads. Billboards are ok. You can look at them, or not. And they don't make any noise. My former staff tells me that I'm kind of sensitive to noise. I remember years ago, one of them had this stupid bing-bong thing going on every time he got an email or hit the space bar or something. I came raging out of my cubicle screaming, "What is that?! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" He laughed like I was kidding. I just pointed and glared until he knew I wasn't.

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