Friday, May 12, 2006

Thing I don't like:
Shopping for health insurance

Thing I like:
Shopping at Target

Speaking of Target, they are now printing "10 ways to reuse your Target bag" on the bag. The list has things like "trashcan liner" and "soggy laundry". Use #6 is "ice pack for head lump".

Why a head lump? Why didn't they just say "ice pack"? Is it so common to anticipate head lumps that you have to plan ahead for them? Or is Target seeing an increase in lumpy-headed guests/customers? I don't remember the last time I had a head lump. But I am really klutzy in the kitchen and burn myself frequently. That's what I use ice packs for. Well, that's not true, exactly. I put butter on the burns. I KNOW I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO. But if they hadn't have told me 12 jillion times in grade school not to put butter on burns, it never would have occurred to me.

Oh god, if the underwriters read this I will never get health insurance.

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Ada Beth Croft said...

i saw that too and after reading your blog i looked at one of my target bags. it said you can use it as a water balloon and so i tested it out and i regret doing that now. i filled it to the top and tied it and before i even got it outside it had a mediam sized hole spewing water out of the bag. i had to clean it up and throw away the bag. Do NOT try that at home


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