Sunday, May 21, 2006

Are you my mother?

Two Sundays in a row now, I have been mistaken for someone's mother. Both times it was at Disneyland. Last Sunday, Mike and I were in line at Space Mountain and there was a party of 3 in front of us. A mom and 2 daughters. The mom was only talking to the oldest daughter. The other one was a sad little lump, and I started to feel sorry for her for being ignored. I thought, geez, she might as well be at Disneyland by herself! We got up to the FastPass part of the line where the ride op tells us when we can go inside. He cut off the line after the mom and the older daughter. The little girl said nothing, just hung back. Mike and I said, "wait, isn't she with them?" gesturing at the other 2. They heard us and looked back. "We thought she was with you!" they said. Apparently they had the same secret thoughts that I had, wondering why Mike and I were so coldly ignoring our kid. Turns out she was riding alone, a passholder who comes to the park with grandma from time to time.

This incident was repeated once more when we got to the front of the line.

Then today, Jerry and I were in DCA in line to order some food. (Or rather, some wine, as it was Food and Wine day.) Two little kids were in front of us, ordering strawberries. The berries cost $5 and each kid had a $5 bill in hand. Of course, they weren't prepared to pay the sales tax. "It's actually $5.39," the cashier told them. They just looked at each other. The cashier saw Jerry and I standing behind the kids. "It's $5.39," she said to us. Neither of us protested. We just got out our wallets and gave the kids another dollar each. The real parents/babysitters were making out at a picnic table across the quad, and didn't notice a thing.


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