Thursday, March 01, 2018

Magic Kingdom

I'm posting the professional photos here since they don't count toward my photo blog. I did not realize the pro photos were going to be so expensive. So just look into it before you decide to rely on the pros.

As you'll see, we visited a lot of princesses. The lines to meet the princesses are quite long, so we got one Fast Pass each day for a different princess location. Every day the girls said that meeting princesses was their favorite thing.

As I wrote about before, on our first night in the Magic Kingdom we were lucky to see fireworks while riding the Mine Train. I knew we wanted to see the fireworks properly at some point during our visit. In Magic Kingdom there are a couple of large lawn areas that are fenced, and I was thinking they might be a nice place to view the show. On our 2nd night in the park, there was a special pre-show before the actual fireworks show, that was going on as we were leaving the park. We walked past the lawn and I saw there was a sign up that said the lawn was reserved. As soon as we got back to the hotel I started checking on how I could get reservations to view the fireworks from that lawn. I was lucky to be able to get reservations on our final night in the park. The reservations are called "Fireworks Dessert Party", and it was totally worth it. Very recommended! You meet at a restaurant in Tomorrowland and they serve a buffet of amazing desserts. After you've had your fill of all the delicious sweets, they gather you up to walk over to the lawn. Though you typically still need to stand to really see the show well, the lawn had plenty of room for everyone to walk around and enjoy the show, and Libby and Mae had space to dance to the music as they wanted to.

The point of both the pre-show and the fireworks show is not actually to see the fireworks. The fireworks are a distant 2nd place to the images that are shown on Cinderella castle. I'm guessing the imagineers invented and patented new technology for this show. At first you might think, oh nice, they are using Cinderella castle as a screen. But after a while you realize that though sometimes the castle itself is a screen, other times, every individual surface on the castle is actually an independent screen. Video is the best way to show this...try this video, and if you have a short attention span there is a great example of the technology if you just watch from the 7-minute mark for a couple minutes. Of course even the video is not like seeing it in person, especially the You Can Fly scene at the end.

Anyway, the Fireworks Dessert Party is definitely recommended! There's a photo of the kids with their desserts over on my photo blog.

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