Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Like a majestic interception

I just returned from a meeting with my Vietnam War Memorial committee.  We've hired an artist and he will proceed with a cost proposal. I found a benefactor who will help donate funds. And then there was one awful moment where one of the partners suggested that the memorial only commemorate 14 names instead of the 45 that I researched. (City vs county.) I told my brain to stop thinking. That I would process it later and consider what to do. But then the normally soft-spoken DAR Regent loudly announced that if it didn't include all 45 names that we'd leave the committee and go build our own monument some place else.


Then I exhaled and realized I hadn't been breathing. I almost cried and hugged her, but I controlled myself.

My book will be published and available to the public by Memorial Day. Then we have plans for a 2nd edition and a website. The monument will be linked to the website with a QR code.

my heroes today

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