Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sunday morning coffee post

Have to get Libby up in 15 minutes. The girls have a scout thing today at a new dance studio I'd like to see. It's pouring rain. I mean, loud, really pouring, and it's been doing so for hours. The "waterfalls" in our back acre are going nuts.

Freezing weather has taken its toll on my property and the city roads in general. To say that the main street through Oregon City is "full of potholes" is understating it. On one stretch there are more potholes than road. And so at my house too. When the snow melted we found that our front steps literally disintegrated. So that's good, I didn't like those steps anyway. But I worry that the mailman will refuse to come to my door or something if we don't fix it soon. Of course we have to fix it soon. When it stops pouring. And when I learn how. We also lost one tree, one rain gutter, and one gate.

The schedule was weird this week. Mike was sick and had to take a week off of work. Things have to change. We changed them. He is going in on Monday and revising his work schedule again. He will have longer appointment times and more time off throughout the day as well as throughout the year. I spent 4 days developing a dynamic Excel workbook for him so he can be confident he is billing correctly, and quickly. In a way, I can't wait for a medical billing audit. But, that's just what I do for a living, so it's fun for me.

I have several side hustles going on and so I worked on those as well even while making that Excel workbook. One of them has so far failed miserably. I have to try different marketing strategies. It has to work, you see, since Mike took a week off...

The girls started their new piano semester this week. Mike took Mae to her class and he really enjoyed it. Unfortunately Libby hates having me in class with her even after hearing the teacher lecture that parent participation is required.

We visited a new Elks Lodge and were blown away (and transported back in time). It's the Milwaukie Lodge and it's huge (building size and membership). We met a new friend. I loved that lodge. We played shuffleboard. I took photos of the mid-century decor.

Time's up, we have to get ready for dance.

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