Friday, January 06, 2017

My Friday 5

What I'm reading right now:
I'm going back and forth between Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss) and Reinvent Yourself (James Altucher).

The initial themes of these books are pretty similar. They both pull from their 200+ interviews from each guy's podcast, summarizing lessons learned from the various geniuses.

However, Tim comes across as egotistic and arrogant, but James is down-to-earth and vulnerable. Tim's writing is cold, though he tries to be funny. James is a poet.

ToT is organized in 3 sections (healthy, wealthy, and wise), but otherwise comes across as a random jumble of notes. The interview notes are often boiled down to a few snippets on a couple of pages, which doesn't always do the subject genius justice.

RY is a lot easier to read. The theme isn't jumbled - it's clearly about how to reinvent yourself (in your career) and he writes in such a way to help bring the reader back to the theme from time to time. I also like the way James refers to geniuses that he hasn't interviewed, such as Louis C.K. and Picasso. When he does reference his own interviews, he goes into much greater detail than TF does in ToT, and I appreciate that.

Another problem I have with ToT is that a lot of the "tools" aren't actionable to the average person. I mean he refers to things that are illegal or not available to the public. 

On the other hand, with James's book I practically highlighted every single sentence. 

Both books are important, but James is just a lot easier to read than Tim.

Product I'm loving:
Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil. You just eat a spoonful and it tastes like pudding! It is so delicious! And it is truly high potency, so good for you! Way better than swallowing a handful of fish oil capsules.

Website I recommend:

I'm really enjoying reading this one. There's a book now, and I have it on hold at the library. The concept kind of reminds me of where they also cover stories about obscure things or unknown history. I don't read 99PI, but I subscribe to their podcast.

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