Friday, August 19, 2016

My Friday 5

My version of five-bullet Friday for August 19:

  • I have been living under a rock for a few years, as evidenced by the fact that I didn't know Helsa was a thing. And I love it!

  • Disappointed in the 2 iPods I just got for the kids. I got 4th generation and I didn't know the iPod ios is different from iPhone ios and the 4th gen iPod is terribly outdated. Libby is having a ball using FaceTime but I'm disappointed. Good thing I didn't spend too much.

  • Listening to Pet Shop Boys as they have a new album and tour and therefore were on my mind. Really intriguing and interesting lyrics compared to what I usually listen to!

  • this gif

  • I got a paid genealogy gig. Now I am a professional genealogist.

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