Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Enchanted Forest, part 1

In July, we all went to a theme park in Oregon called Enchanted Forest. We kept it a surprise from the girls. It was to celebrate Mae's birthday. It was so much fun that I said maybe I would like to celebrate my birthday there too.

Enchanted Forest is about a 90 minute drive from our house. It opened in 1971 and is privately owned by one family. The original creator is now in his 80s and still enters the park daily. He rides around on a Vespa. The park is clearly a knockoff from Disneyland, but manages not to be hokey. It's impeccably clean and maintained.

Here is the view from the parking lot. Beautiful music is piped in everywhere, including the parking lot, so you start your visit in a lovely mood even before you enter the park.

closeup of the painting as seen from the parking lot

Just past the ticket booth. The sign says "start at castle".

This guy is in the castle moat

This charming letter from the park's owner and creator hangs inside the castle

Blurry photo of a window inside Sleeping Beauty castle. An early clue that the park is clearly a knockoff.

Entering fairy tale world (click to enlarge)

Mae observing Little Miss Muffet

Closeup of Little Miss Muffet

Next we meet Mary and her lamb. The lamb doesn't seem like he really wants to follow her that much.
More from Enchanted Forest tomorrow!

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