Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday 5

Gold star to TSA Precheck. The fact that Mike and I paid for this is a true testament to how much we hate going through traditional TSA lines. We feel it was worth every penny.

Gold star to Precision Elite Gymnastics, where Libby and Mae attend classes. We just had Libby's birthday party there and Coach Emma was so great with the kids and so laid back with the parents, it was a stress-free event.

One of Libby's birthday gifts was a cute playset from the Disney Store. We gave one to Mae as well, so they could play together. Libby got Rapunzel and Mae got Snow White. After Libby compared the 2 dolls, she made up a song as Rapunzel, with lyrics including: I'd rather have shoes than underpants...

Movie that blew my mind: An Honest Liar
They just added this to Netflix and it's about Amazing Randi. (97% on Rotten Tomatoes!) I thought I knew what it was about. The book Fringe-ology attempts to somewhat discredit James Randi, and I thought An Honest Liar was going to follow in that vein by showing Randi caught in lies. In fact, Fringe-ology had actually changed my opinion of Randi somewhat negatively, but after watching An Honest Liar I am way back into the Randi camp. The movie indirectly explains why he can be so freaking difficult. I had never heard of Project Alpha before, and this documentary spends some time discussing it and interviewing the now-adult participants. It blew my mind to see all the layers of this hoax, going on for 2 years, with Randi behind it the whole time.

Book I'm reading: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani. I'm a fan of Vishen's and I hope the book meets my expectations.

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