Thursday, April 21, 2016

I was dreaming when I wrote this

Oh, I miss him so much already.

So many memories tied to his songs. So.many.memories. I can vividly play back very specific memories tied to: Purple Rain, 1999, Thieves in the Temple, Sign O' The Times, Kiss, Diamonds and Pearls, Raspberry Beret, Nothing Compares 2 U.

I don't have very much music loaded to my phone right now, but of the little that is there I had 8 Prince songs without even trying. At dinner tonight, no one was really talking, and I just wordlessly got out my phone and hit play. When Doves Cry played first, which was so proper considering that years ago I went on the record to say that When Doves Cry is the best song of all time. Not that it's my favorite, but it's without a doubt, the best song of all time.

Alphabet St. was next, and I started smiling and dancing in my chair a little bit. Mike used the power of Bluetooth to make my phone play over some great speakers. He turned it up loud, and then we all got up and had a dance party in the kitchen, playing nothing but Prince for an hour and a half, and dancing and laughing.

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Jerry Certonio said...

Agree, agree....AGREE! All night Prince music party here as well (always for Let's Go Crazy). City Hall in LA is all purple too.


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