Saturday, January 09, 2016

5 bullet Saturday

Song I have on repeat: Outside by Foo Fighters. The song is SO reminiscent of 1990 Seattle sound, which I identified before I even saw the album cover

Brag: I submitted an essay to the DAR for their annual essay contest (edit: I came in first place at the state level)

Quote I'm pondering: All art grows out of it's maker's loss

Invention I'm grateful for: the mp3 player. We recently put one in Mae's room and it was filled with big band music. We just put the music on repeat and she loves it. It's so cute. Libby has had a CD player in her room for years already, but this is a first for Mae. Libby's been playing the same Disney lullaby CD on repeat for years. It was a gift from Jerry. She loves it and would not even consider changing to a different lullaby at night.

Story I'm enjoying: America's Test Kitchen just interviewed a "forensic wine expert" who authenticates bottles of wine, or proves them as fraud. The expert admitted that there is no way to authenticate vintage wine by taste, which dumbfounded Christopher Kimball so much that he had to ask the expert to repeat this statement several times. His opinion of the "victims" was hilariously obvious, though only implied.

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