Sunday, October 04, 2015

The DIY Spa Retreat

I kind of wish now that I had put my author name on the cover.  Well, it's not too late.  Because THIS IS MY BOOK! I can finally reveal that the project I have been working on since April 2015 is a self-published book, The DIY Spa Retreat: Design a Resort-Style Retreat at Home. Now available on Amazon - click here! The purpose of the book is to create a spa-style vacation at home.  A spa staycation, if you will. My book features recipes, beauty treatments, yoga/stretching recommendations, meditations and affirmations, ideas for workshops and journaling, and sleep aids.

And here is the highly edited short back story behind why I wrote it.

Around May 2014, I paid $30 for an online course about how to conduct a personal planning retreat at home.  The seller never delivered the course.  I was so embarrassed, that for the longest time I didn't tell anyone I had been ripped off.  When I finally told Mike about it, I am not sure if it was his idea or mine, but somewhere in the conversation we decided that I could write the missing course myself.

I read a lot about self-publishing, and then in April 2015 I started writing and researching.  The first thing that other authors teach is that as you write, you have to have an avatar in mind for your target audience.  Well, that was easy.  The avatar is me.  I wrote this book for myself.  I hope (REALLY hope) that other people like it too.  I'm excited about it.

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