Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spiders and cute overload

September is spider season here in Oregon.  This year it seemed the season started in August, but then the big guys showed up in September as usual.  It's annoying.  And yet Mike and I have both admitted that we're just used to going out to pick tomatoes or whatever and walking through webs and shaking spiders off of everything.  It's wrong.

In other news, Mae Mae just loves Katy Perry.  We don't listen to pop music.  But about a year ago when she was only 3 years old, she learned about Katy Perry at her day care.  So sometimes she asks me to put on Katy Perry videos on YouTube.  She can't really say "Katy Perry".  It's more like "Carrot-y Parrot-y" the way Mae says it.

Conversations we had yesterday:

Me: That Katy Perry, she's such a joker.
Mae Mae: She's not a joker, mom, she's a CHAMPION.

Regarding "Teenage Dream":

Me: This is my favorite Katy Perry song.
Mae Mae: I love everything Katy Perry does.

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