Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mae's first ballet performance

This show happened about 3 weeks ago.  It was at the Oaks Park theme park and it was Mae's first time dancing on stage.

The day before the show, she told me she was a little nervous because she could not do an arabesque very well.  I told her she didn't have to do it, or she could lower her leg if she got uncomfortable and it was not a big deal.

Here she is before the show.  You see she's kind of in the meditative zone.  Libby's eating a corn dog and photo bombing.

In the photo below, they are about to go on stage.  See Mae's hand touching Libby.  She was actually stroking Libby's arm very slowly, while Libby's hamming for the camera.  I think Mae must have been feeling nervous at this point.

But then when they got on stage, just before the music started, Libby turned and gave Mae a big hug.  Luckily I had just started recording video.  We were so proud of Libby for being such a good big sister.  This is a still from the video.

And here is the actual video.  Right when you press play, you an just see the hug and you can hear one of the instructors say "Best Buds!" into the microphone, referring to Libby and Mae.  They are on the end of the stage closest to me.  I love 2:35 when Mae bows like the song says, instead of a curtsy.

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