Sunday, June 14, 2015

Warbirds over the West

On Friday I was out for a walk. When I got home, I remarked to Mike that I had seen 3 old military transport planes fly over.  I'm not sure why I didn't take pictures, and I certainly could have since they were flying so low and slow, but instead I just watched.  And wondered who was in them and where they were going.  They were going in 2 different directions.

Later that night, we were trying out a new babysitter, so Mike took me out to dinner at a nearby restaurant called The Bomber.  It's located on an old highway near us, and until very recently, it had an old B-17 parked outside.  The restaurant itself is way back from the highway, so we never really got a good look at it.  Then one day, the plane disappeared.  So we finally went to the restaurant and got the story.  The plane is being restored to flying condition, and it was taken to its new home at McNary Airfield in Salem.  McNary Airfield has an active army presence, though in my opinion you would never know it when you drive by "Salem Airport" as the locals call it.  While we were at The Bomber, we learned that there was to be a vintage military aircraft show at McNary Airfield the very next day. Aha! I thought.  Those planes I saw.  I will see them at the airshow tomorrow.

So on Saturday we headed down to Salem for the Warbirds over the West show.  I actually did NOT see the 3 planes I had seen on Friday. So I guess they were for reals.  Here's a slide show of the stuff we did see.  Enjoy!

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