Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday morning coffee post

Today is Father's Day.  I made an applesauce cake for Mike and the girls signed cards for him.  Mike's mom is visiting and I'm not sure what our outing will be today.

On Friday 2 people that I love lost their jobs.  I engaged in some retail therapy to help me through my grief.

Mike hired a kid (young construction worker) to hang a dutch door at the top of our staircase.   Something that will keep the kids safe (out of the basement) but also allow for air flow.  The door was installed yesterday.  It took several hours, but it looks great, and way better than anything I could have ever done.  As I dip my toe in the waters of woodworking, I'm embarrassed at how little I even understand the language, even in plans that are allegedly "for dummies".  I don't know a Kreg jig from a jigsaw, or pretty much any of the other words the plans use.  These are the words I know: lumber, saw, sandpaper, hammer, nails, glue, duct tape.

Anyway, the kid is very good and enthusiastic and he was hard to find, so I'm sure we'll find a way to keep him busy around here for a while.

We also discovered that our part time nanny is a whiz-bang at organizing.  I mean like professional organizer as-seen-on-TV organizing, and she is FAST.  So we have hired her to do our basement and she will do it next Friday.  We are really happy about this, as we've been wanting an organizer for a long time, but 2 concerns stopped us - discretion (don't really want a stranger coming in and cataloguing our stuff), and concern about being taking advantage of at $50/hour (in other words, worried about someone taking too long).  But we have neither of those concerns with Angela.

Babies are awake now, signing off

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