Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday morning hot water with lemon post

Not my usual coffee because we are all sick! SICK!

It probably started a couple weeks ago.  There are 5 kids at the girls' day care and all 5 got sick with a cold simultaneously.  Mae got it so bad that she had to stay home for a week.  She had a high fever and could not even sit upright on the sofa.  She just laid there, for a week.  She might get up and play for 30 minutes a day after her medicine kicked in.  But that was it.  She also stopped speaking.  She communicated only in mimes or whispers.  She just started talking again yesterday.

Libby's cold was less severe, just a runny nose that didn't seem to slow her down at all.

So for a while, I thought Mike and I had been spared.  But no such luck.  We both came down with Mae's version of the cold, of course at the same time, which made me want to kick myself for not having a personal assistant on retainer.  And I'm sure I sound incredibly whiny but let's just be clear that NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD IS SICKER THAN ME.  Now that we're clear on that, I will tell you that I really hate having a fever.  I tried every fever reducer I could find (Tylenol and Advil) and nothing worked!  So spent 2 whole days in bed and I will have to cancel my trip to Seattle this week.  So there you go.  And if you are somewhere whispering, "poor, poor Heather" please know that I can not hear you because my ears are swollen shut.  You will have to shout it.

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