Friday, January 24, 2014


I got up early.  Or, on time, I guess I should say.  Not late.  I'm somewhat embarrassed to tell you the time, but I will:  7:30am.  If I get up at 7:30 I can be at my desk at 8.

So I'm up 'early' today because we are expecting 2 contractors, one at 8 and another at 8:30.  The 8am is to do an energy audit and the 8:30am to do tree trimming.

Upstairs at 8am and who is also up but Mike and Libby.  Hm.  Mike, I was expecting to be up, but Libby (along with Mae) usually sleeps until I wake her at 9:45.  So now there's a wrinkle in my morning because Libby is awake when she's supposed to be asleep and I'm supposed to be at work.

TV goes on and Mae is awake a few minutes later.

I look out the window and there's 2 strange cars in my driveway, but no one at my door.  We wait.  Around 8:30 Mike finally goes outside to see who they are.  It's the energy guys.  They look at me wrangling 2 naked children and say, "Sorry we surprised you." An odd thing to say when one is half an hour late.  The energy audit commences and I keep looking outside for tree trimming trucks.  Libby follows one of the energy guys around and constantly asks him what he's doing.

After several phone calls and emails the tree trimming guy arrives at 9:30.  I now have the kids dressed and fed and we go to daycare early. After I have 3 guys move their vehicles so I can get out.  There are only 5 houses on my street.  2 on one side and 3 on the other side.  There is no street parking.  So whenever one of the 5 of us has any visitors, or contractors, or the trash truck is coming, you just have to be patient with the situation.  Maybe stay home.  Anyway, I couldn't stay home so 3 contractors had to move their trucks for me.

There is a lot of gear required for an energy audit.  I had no idea.

There is a lot of gear required for trimming 2 trees.  I had something of an idea.

Did I get a photo of any of it?  No.  For some reason (probably named Libby and Mae), it didn't even cross my mind.

I took the girls to daycare, drove back, parked on a side street, and walked to my house.  So much activity and it still didn't occur to me to take a picture.  Probably because I needed to get to work.

The tree guy was supposed to trim one tree and remove a 2nd tree.  I find out later that the 2nd tree is still there.  It's just trimmed.  I ask Mike, What The?  And he says yeah, first they just trimmed it, and I was ok with that.  I suppose I'd be ok with it too, except I kind of pre-paid the guy...?  I kept my mouth shut.

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