Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mae's 2nd birthday, and Grandma's visit

Today is dear Mae Mae's birthday.  We gave her a baby doll and doll stroller.  She loves them, although by the end of today she was pushing her sister around in the doll stroller instead of the doll.  She also got gifts from Grandma, Auntie Shannon, and her schoolteacher.  Shannon sent the new series of "classics" written for babies...Libby actually really enjoyed them and asked me to read her Alice in Wonderland over and over.

We then moved on to Moby Dick.  I was surprised as heck when Libby was spellbound by it and at the end said "wowwwww" in a breathless whisper.  Although I should probably credit my own storytelling abilities because each book only has about 5 words.

Last weekend Grandma came to visit.  We went to a little carnival that was going on in town.

I guess you know you are in rural Oregon when one of the children's activities is fishing for trout.  And if they catch one they get to keep it - a volunteer kills and preps it and then bags it for the tot.  I was kind of relieved when Libby didn't catch one.

See Mike and Mae in the background
And in the water play area they had a mining car full of guns.  Squirt guns.  But I haven't seen gun-shaped squirt guns in years.

The volunteers supervising the bounce houses were impressed with Libby's stamina.  She only chose the bounce houses that had slides attached, and she just wanted to slide.  In the house, up the stairs, down the slide, and back in again as fast as she could.  She ended up being the talk of the play area.  I told everyone yes, she can not sit still for 2 seconds to save her life, and I know this because I have to comb her hair.

Speaking of which I think we may cut her hair back to Shirley Temple short, simply because her curly hair is hard to maintain and she can't do it herself...

now, with 2 ponytails

At 22 months old

Finally, here is a video of Mae playing with some Lego animals she got for her birthday.  See how nice Libby is about giving the toy back when Mae says "me have it!"  And at :45...Mae petting the animal saying "so cute"'s cute overload!

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