Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I'm still not feeling Project Life.  It didn't make sense for a while, because I take pictures and I write text, so that's all PL is, so why don't I feel it?  I finally figured it out.  Because I'm still limited by the layouts of the pages provided to me.  You're given some portrait style and some landscape style and some 4x6 and some 2x3.  And there's 16 slots each week.  Well some weeks I don't take 16 pictures and some weeks I take more than 16.  Some weeks they are all landscape and some weeks they are all portrait and there are never any weeks where it's exactly 50/50, which is how the book is laid out.  I hate counting photos and trying to make it all fit.


(A) I think it's back to digital for me
and (B) guess what, I don't have to get rid of my PL stuff, because I'm not moving.  So it can just sit and wait for Libby and Mae to want it someday.  And that's just fine.  What do you think of that, Flylady?  (OMG I'm just kidding Flylady I heart you)

My vitamin B-12 labs came back normal and my symptoms of B-12 deficiency have gone away, so that's awesome.  I had to try 3 kinds of vitamin pills but the 3rd kind worked and now I don't have to get weekly shots.

Libby got stuck in chair yesterday.  Mike had to cut it off of her with a tree lopper.  True story.

In other news, we let our nanny go yesterday and the kids started preschool.  They loved it, and the teachers loved them.  The only weird thing so far is that it seems that Mae does not eat while she's there.  Yesterday her report card said "I ate 2 bites." and today her report card said "I ate 3 bites."  The reason this is weird is because at home Mae is the first person to the table and the last person to leave and she hardly refuses any food ever.

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