Thursday, February 07, 2013

Not the best day for me, health-wise.  I had more symptoms related to vitamin B-12 deficiency.  I have tried 2 forms of vitamin pills so far.  I guess I need to try another kind.  Otherwise it does look like I have to start getting routine injections in the future.  Beyond that (not working) I don't want to think about it.

But, it was a good day for the kids and me.  After work, I took them to the indoor playground, where they played and had a great time for 2 hours.  Often when we go to the playground, they end up tired and cranky after a short while, but today they played and played.  Libby had one incident where she got frustrated and started crying, and Mae said "hug" and went over and hugged Libby to make her feel better.  It was the cutest. thing. ever. and I wish I could have gotten a picture.

After playtime, we went home and had a little dinner.  Afterward, Mae continued to be in a good mood and played joyfully in her bath for a long time, while Libby climbed up on the bathroom counter and washed her foam letters in the sink.  This went past 9pm, while Mae continued to tear around playing and laughing adorably.  Libby knew she was being photographed and chose to look serious, as usual.

It poured rain this evening, but after the kids went to bed I had to go outside to take our trash can down the hill, and I was surprised to see stars over my house in Beaverton.  That's so unusual...I guess because it's always cloudy here.  I stared at the Big Dipper and Orion for quite some time.  I do not remember the last time I saw them over our house.

Also had lots of good Meetup news today.  Survival Moms is up to 22 members.  Meetup #3 is at my house on Saturday, and my co-host told me today that she has some fun activities planned, so I'm really looking forward to it.  Also got a new RSVP today from a new member.  And, another member notified me she arranged for a guest speaker to come to us in the future.  Meetups #4 and #5 are on the schedule. I have been keeping the momentum going in our group by keeping the members involved in planning and teaching, trying different locations, inviting guest speakers, and alternating weeknight meetings with weekend meetings. It's a good group, and even Mike has gone from not knowing what to think, to asking me, "um, do you think I could attend a meeting once in a while?"

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