Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pretty good year

And I mean that with all the irony that's built in to that song.

Of course I know it was a kickass year compared to people who don't have roofs over their heads or jobs or 3 meals a day or stuff like that.  So I can't really complain.

2012 was way better than 2011, but otherwise it was just pretty routine, another year of baby jail.  That's all I meant.

I'm pretty pleased with myself for completing My 365+1.  I didn't end up with 366 posts, but there are more than 366 photos, so I feel like I completed the project as directed.  I'll be creating a yearbook in hard copy form, which should be fun.

I've decided that for 2013 I won't be doing the same project again.  Instead I'm doing something called Project Life.  It's very popular among the graphic designers that I follow.  Basically it will be like CaptureYour365 combined with blogging, but in hard copy form and is done on a weekly basis.  When my hard copies are done I will photograph them and add them to my photo blog as usual.

For Christmas last week, Mike wrote me a very wonderful letter acknowledging many of things I do for our family.  One of the things he commented on was the effort I take in documenting our lives.  I don't even think I saw it that way myself, but it made me really happy to read his words and to learn how important that is to him as well.

January and February and March will be a lot about moving to our house while Mike is away on a travel assignment at least 3 nights a week, plus more for school in Washington.  I really don't care to think about that, just as I don't care to think about finding a new caregiver for Libby and Mae so I can work.  I remember the last time we moved we were so overwhelmingly busy that we had to prioritize by the moment. Oddly enough, there are not a whole lot of circumstances between this move and that move that are different, except this time I'm not pregnant.  I just made sad eyes at Mike while typing this and he said he would hire me some help.

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