Saturday, December 15, 2012

Libby has been sick with a fever for a few days.  Actually, we have all been sick for over a week now, but as of a couple days ago, Libby started running a high fever for no apparent reason.  102, 103, even 104, but no other symptoms. We have been controlling it with Tylenol and baths, but when it kept coming back after 24 hours, we decided to take her to urgent care today (Saturday).  Mike had been up with her overnight, so I got the lovely task of waking Libby (at noon) and then taking both her and Mae to the non-child-friendly Saturday urgent care waiting room, in the rain.  They were able to confirm that she doesn't have an infection, just a virus, so we just keep doing what we're doing.

We have this Star Trek type thermometer that takes less than a second to take a temporal reading.  Libby knows how to use it and can now take her own temperature.

I took this photo during the very first fever.  She fell asleep on the floor and I was waiting by her side for her fever to go down.

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