Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday post (too late for a Saturday post)

Got the kids somewhat distracted so thought I might be able to get a quick post in.  The Year of Heather isn't going too well.  Due to somewhat unexpected OT hours for the last 2 months, the work-life balance is waaay out of whack.  It's getting back in the right direction, but we're not there yet.

Mike worked all weekend so it's been just me and the kids since 2pm Friday.   I've had no trouble NOT thinking about work, so that's positive.

Today was troubling, though.  It started last night when I was minding my own business browsing Pinterest after the kids had gone to bed, and accidentally saw something offensive.  I hate to relay this story because it means that I'll remember it, and I don't want to remember it.   But if I were to even write here: "today was a bad day but I can't talk about it", I'll still remember it.  So I might as well continue.  Saw something offensive, and after troubling dreams I woke up and decided it would not be over the top to report the item.  To my pleasant surprise, the item had already been removed...evidently I was not alone in finding something wrong with the item.  But the damage is done in that I can not un-see it.

Then at the indoor playground I picked up a magazine and read an article/interview with Hillary Clinton.  Always thought-provoking and troubling.

Too many deep thoughts of late and the circumstances around here mean they aren't likely to stop anytime soon.

We still work in some fun each day.  SOMEday there will be photos again.  You'll all have to be patient with me.

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