Monday, June 04, 2012

Update on My365+1

I think I'm a teeny bit behind schedule on My365+1, but not too much.  I enjoy following the prompts, but fell behind when I started to get competitive.  Also the prompts have been repetitive, which adds negatively to (subtracts from?) the challenge.  I'm sure it's difficult to come up with 365+1 different prompts, especially since the project leader has only been doing this publicly for one year now.  But almost every prompt in April was a flower, and going outside is a challenge in itself, when you have 2 babies and no leashes and one of them is frequently napping. as well as trying to find flowers to shoot in Oregon in April.

Food is another common prompt. 

The project leader tells us that in order to find inspiration that it helps to have a goal in mind.  This is no problem for me.  I have known what this project is for since day 1.  It is a yearbook of our family's life in 2012.  So every photo needs to be a tiny glimpse of what our life is like.  I do not want a 2012 yearbook that is 365+1 pictures of food.  It is not a freaking cookbook, it is a yearbook.

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