Monday, January 30, 2012

I do not mean to neglect this blog, and I'm sure I do not need to provide excuses as to why it has not been serving as a daily diary. 

All of my projects have been moving along well, with the only exception being the development of my software application, which has made no progress at all.  I remind myself daily that this project requires at least 15 minutes of my attention before I can do any other projects, but whenever I find 15 minutes I find I also do not have much brainpower left and have to resort to doing something a little more rote.

Mike says I may resume referring to him by name now.  I wrote a paragraph just now about "why", but I'm afraid it revealed too much, so I deleted it, and you will just have to be left wondering.

Progress on our home cleaning and reorganization is slow but steady.  We are following a particular book for inspiration, going room by room in the order presented in the book.  We are on the 4th chapter, "office", and have been there for several days.  We each have an office area to tackle.  And we do not move on to the next chapter until the previous chapter is complete.  No piles of stuff moved out of the room to deal with "later".  Everything is dealt with "now".  In this case, "now" can move kind of slowly when it means scheduling trips to recycle old electronics, packaging fragile items to ship to my sister, and things like that. 

Our book raised a very interesting point on the subject of collections.  It is something I have thought about before, but the book's author worded it so much better than I ever had.  It was a very brief comment on how the arrival of ebay has certainly changed, and many would agree diminished, the fun of building a collection.  For many, the whole point of a collection is the hunt for the rare item, rather than enjoyment of the actual item itself. In those cases, there now is no point in having a collection at all, since you can now amass a collection of virtually anything in about 20 minutes. If all you’re going to do is store the items in the garage, then it’s probably best not to waste your 20 minutes. If you’re going to display the items, then it may be 20 minutes well-spent. Think about this. A lot.
It took me 10 days to write this post, so I will publish now even though it’s not very long. I am going to enable email posting so I can type on my iphone while I’m putting Mae to bed. I haven’t enabled it before because I don’t want spam to automatically get published. Apologies to those on the email feed if it does.

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