Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogging from my bed tonight, via iPhone. First time doing that... Hope it works. Ran a few errands today. It's actually easy to run errands with 2 babies as long as the place is either stroller-friendly, or has shopping carts. If we get a cart, then Libby rides up front, and Mae rides in her car seat in the basket. That means we can fit very few things in the basket. Which is good, because it makes for a short trip. I prefer not to take Libby shopping because I do not want to expose her to marketing. This is why we do not watch TV and I do not give her toys with licensed characters. I admit she does have some branded toys, but they were gifts from other people. I have only withheld 2 gifts - they were both shirts that were blatantly branded. I choose not to turn my baby into a billboard.
I am re-watching The Corporation. I understand that the filmmakers have made a new documentary about tactics used for marketing to children. I'm going to get a copy of that documentary.
I will report more on my thoughts on The Corporation when: a) I finish re-watching it, which takes a while at a few minutes per day, and b) I'm not typing with one finger.

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