Friday, October 14, 2011

Blocking Out The Scenery

More on yesterday's post.
I am not opposed to advertising that is aimed at adults. I make a distinction between advertising directed at children, and all other advertising. I also make a distinction between advertising and predatory or unethical sales practices, so let’s not lose focus.

Most people who know me also know that I can’t stand commercials. I have blogged about that before. But I don’t feel there is anything inherently wrong about advertising to grownups. As they pointed out in The Corporation, if the ad leads you to a product that you like and genuinely improves your life, isn’t that good? I say yes. I also say even if the ad leads you to buy a product that doesn’t improve your life, that is your fault, not the seller’s (unless the seller lied to you). I don’t blame advertisements for the clutter in my house. I am responsible for my own purchases.

The thing I hate about advertisements is simply that they are eyesores. TV commercials are annoying, radio commercials are much worse, and all those freaking retail ads on the street are ugly! Signs, signs, everywhere signs! Billboards, sandwich boards, sign spinners, and the newest thing are those hideous tall flags. I wish I could photograph the retail area near me while driving, but I’m not that handy. There are 2 retail establishments near each other who each put 5-10 tall flags out in the same area. Both sets of flags are red and white. They are all on top of each other and you can’t read what they say. Ridiculous! And the junk mail! More ugly ads!

But this is capitalism, and I say, go ahead if you must. I’m not even opposed to product placement (in grownup movies and TV) or the more “subliminal” forms of advertising that are being used today.

Again, I control my own checkbook, my own actions. I must take responsibility for my choices in purchases. My child does not have her own checkbook. Advertising directly to her is an attempt to undermine me as a parent, which is disrespectful to the person who actually signs the checks. Not a good idea, friend.

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