Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting Good At Starting Over

It's been a few days since Ada left, and we've been managing fine, though we miss her.  I feel lucky that DH has been home with me.  Two adults and 2 babies seems to work out ok, as long as I get up in the morning an hour before everyone else.  I'm not looking forward to being just one adult with 2 babies when DH goes back to work, but I'm practicing when DH goes out to run errands.  For those who don't know already, he lost his job, the job that was the reason we moved here, the job that he was promised would be so successful that they asked him to turn down the other job offer he had accepted the day before.  No matter, we are survivors.

I now understand the phenomenon of why there are fewer photos of the 2nd child.  It's not because the 2nd child is less interesting - that's not true.  It's because the parents don't have nearly as much time as soon as the 2nd child is born.

But, speaking of photos, here's a group photo with Ada:

Professional family photo:

We have been shopping for a new health insurance policy, and it's really frustrating.  I find it really disappointing that the insurance companies don't advertise their compliance with HIPAA-portable policies.  DH says that's because it's good business not to advertise such a thing and that I shouldn't hold it against them or consider them evil heartless bureaucrats.

I've heard people say that they read a lot more after getting a Kindle.  I just use the free Kindle app, and I agree, I am reading a lot more.  I am reading a lot more even though I am working from the moment my feet hit the floor until the moment I go to sleep.  That is because I can read when I'm feeding the baby or sitting in the doctor's office waiting room, or any other such time when I'm technically still being a mom, but also have an "idle" moment. 

I most recently finished a novel called The Winter Sea.  I read it in just a few days.  Takes place in Scotland and touches on family history/genealogy, which I found interesting.  I would like to start spending more time on genealogy in the near future.  DH's mom is coming to visit and is going to help me out with his side of the family.  Looking forward to it, though I don't know exactly how to fit it in to my schedule.  15 minutes at a time, I guess.

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