Friday, August 19, 2011

DH thought Libby had a "tantrum" yesterday when we attempted to transition her from a milk bottle to a milk cup (a failed attempt), but then he watched some episodes of Nanny 911 and decided we had NOT witnessed an actual tantrum, ha ha.

He said as long as he is home, he will take us to the park every day.  Woo hoo!  We are looking forward to these family outings.

I accidentally started drinking caffeine, but it didn't seem to affect Mae's sleeping at all.  Those tricky soda companies!  When did they start adding caffeine to cream soda?  I thought I was safe there.

Hung up our portrait gallery for the 2nd time last night.  It's still on the wall this morning - didn't fall down.  A good sign.  We use a matched frame "system" that you can buy at Michael's.  It comes with hanging hardware and a template to make wall hanging super easy.  I'd never used the hardware before since we'd only gone with velcro strips in the past.  The hardware and template were easy to use.  Recommended.

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