Friday, July 01, 2011

Bring it on

Our cold-flu thing continues to worsen. I have lost my voice and Libby and I are developing bronchitis.  I spend each moment focusing on relaxing and moving as little as possible so that I don't aggravate a coughing attack.  Libby remains as joyful as ever.  Today she was inconsolable for a total of 10 minutes during a bronchial attack.  Otherwise she has spent the day giggling and dancing and running around the house, petting the cat, and playing with her new baby doll that we presented to get her used to the idea of a new baby.  My only concern is that she is fascinated with the doll's blinking eyes, and pokes them hard with her thumb, and I don't want her to be poking Mae's eyes. 

She is such a constant joy to us, that we are very excited to be having another baby girl.

Other than the pleasure our babies have brought us, 2011 continues to hold the title of the Worst Year this family has ever had.  Our health issues and employment issues continue to kick us in the groin whenever possible.  Yesterday we received one (or several?) more kick(s), but I'm now of the attitude to just say Bring It On.  Which I guess is the fight part of fight-or-flight, or some call it survivalist mode.  It was kind of funny that I recognized that about myself, because this morning our babysitter looked at me and said, "You're in survivalist mode."  I said, "You have no idea..."

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