Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We went to a Super Bowl party on Sunday.  Today is almost Thursday.  Time flies when you have a crawling baby.  It is even more difficult to do anything at all now.  Anyway, the party was a good experiment to see how Libby would react being cooped up with at least a dozen strangers.  She did really well.  Was nervous for only about half an hour before she seemed willing to crawl around and visit with others. 

DH is still home on vacation, so we don't have Babysitter come as often.  It's nice.

Trying to eat up all the stuff in our pantry in preparation for moving.  We still have no actual plans to move, it's just wishful thinking right now.

DH set up an old laptop in the bedroom to serve as a DVD player, to replace our little portable one that broke.  He put on Eight Below.  I like that movie because it reminds me of one of our early dates, when we saw that movie at the El Capitan and then went to the Disney Soda Fountain next door afterward.  I had a lime phosphate.  When I watch Eight Below I feel like I can smell lime.

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