Thursday, January 27, 2011

Failed closet cleanout

I told DH that I was thinking of putting my Hawaii wardrobe on eBay.  I feel like I'm already pretty ruthless about clutter (better than the majority, anyway), and it all goes to Goodwill. But my Hawaii wardrobe, which consists of 3 outfits from Hilo Hattie, was kind of expensive and is in like new condition and I just didn't feel good about donating it.  I've hung onto it for several years, and since moving to Oregon, have had absolutely no need for a tropical wardrobe.  Plus, I told DH, after we are finished starting a family I doubt I will be able to fit into those clothes again anyway.  He asked me not to get rid of them.  I interpreted this not as a judgement on what size I should be, but a prediction that he plans to take me on another tropical vacation someday.

After discussing the fate of Hawaii wardrobe it suddenly occurred to me that I also have Washington D.C. wardrobe that is hanging in the closet unused.  And that was not "kind of" expensive, it was really expensive.  It's several outfits that are basically a bunch of summer suits, a designer shift, and a conservative evening gown.  I said maybe I will get involved in charity work and wear suits again after we leave the mountain house and get back to civilization, but even so, there is no need for summer suits here in Oregon.  Or evening gowns.  But I'm not ready to give that wardrobe up yet.

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