Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to Work

A busy week this week as I returned to work and also spent several hours in the kitchen putting up cherry jam and syrup and making dandelion wine. The wine won't be ready for a while, so I have no idea how it turned out. It was a fun experiment, though.

I would say that even 2 weeks ago I was sure I was not coming back to work, because Libby's schedule does not allow me a block of uninterrupted time at a computer.  But then it occurred to me, finally, that if I had a babysitter come to the house, I could do a few hours of work while still being near Libby.  I had 6 applicants to my job post, which actually surprised me since we live in the middle of nowhere.  I had figured the babysitting pool was even smaller than that.  However, I had to rule out 4 of them pretty quickly so now I'm down to 2.  Both of them were kind of difficult to coordinate with, but I should be able to meet with both of them next week.  

If neither of them work out, it looks like it should be ok because so far my job is not putting a lot of expectations on me.  I was able to complete my work this week without babysitting help.  It feels strange, but I have to face up to the fact that I'm in a different phase of my life now and this will be reflected at my job.

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