Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a Doggy Dog World

For some reason in the last few days I have had the misfortune to read some ghastly errors in colloquial expressions.  These remind me of when I was an undergrad and while waiting around for something, I read over a girl's shoulder as she proofread one of her own papers, and I noted that she used the expression " this 'doggy-dog' world..." and I wondered if I should correct her (I decided against it).  I always remembered this with amusement, figuring that the faux pas was forgiveable since she was a youthful college freshman.  I can not as easily forgive similar written errors from people who consider themselves older and therefore wiser.

First, in DH's grad school he was paired with a girl who attempted to use the expression "nook and cranny" but got it so wrong I fell on the floor laughing.  Unfortunately I don't remember the exact way she used it, but it was wrong in about 17 ways.

Then, on a baby forum I was reading yesterday, someone attempted to describe her baby's behavior "from the get go", but wrote it, "from the gecko". 

And this morning on a cooking website, someone wrote something about "deleting your caddy remark".  Which is wrong for 2 reasons.  Not just the misspelling, but why would there be a "catty" remark on a cooking website?  But that, my friends, is a complaint of mine on which I will elaborate another day.

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